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Let’s get to work? With great enthusiasm, but only knowing what we want to achieve. Although we act with ‘hip hip hooray’ on our lips, we always first design the assumptions, select the appropriate tools, and verify the results.

Company history

First major client

We're still in college when we sign our first contract for systemic communication.

Catch? We'll have to finish this project.

Good times

We organize a series of events with 2-day intervals. Each one ends with an afterparty.

We never manage to repeat such a marathon again.

We start ongoing support for 3 brands

In emails, we only send quotes (!), and we sign one contract at the first meeting. I guess that's the power of our enthusiasm.

We also move to a new office. Here, we get summer micro-strokes through 3-meter windows.

We create a map of restaurant pit stops

... on routes to most cities, 9,000 km covered in the company car in a month. On average, 4 hours a day on the road. 80,000 km driven in a year.

And in the meantime? We move again. We open an office in Browar Mieszczański and finally feel at home!

Brno, 32°C

The ideal day for Customer Experience workshops for managers from an international network. We have the knowledge, materials, and blazers.

We end up in a non-air-conditioned room with quirky plaster. The materials and outfit go to waste. Soaked in sweat, we improvise.

A great strategy emerges.

We have a breakthrough

The biggest financial growth year-over-year to date by 133%. Eight new clients for ongoing support. Winning a tender resulting in several major campaigns over 2 years.

In addition, we discover the power of referrals and recommendations, continue to explore Poland, collectively brainstorm, and pull all-nighters.

From this year on, a period of growth of 30-60% annually began, lasting for several years in a row.

We create top-of-mind awareness in the market.

We initiate 3 new collaborations, including with Vozilla (Wroclaw-based carsharing). This accelerates the launch of campaigns and services. And our pace. It's good that for the first time, we have 14 people working with us. The team operates in 24/7 mode.

On the first day, we respond to 40,000 messages on FB and about 100 media inquiries.

Wiktor invents a new Wills.

New website, strategy, structure, new office, new company car – a new dynamic in the company.

This also includes:

New people, as we close the year again with a larger team
New attractions - for the first time, we're going on a company trip!
…and a new office! Finally, we're moving to Życzliwa street.

We are one of the largest companies in Wroclaw in the industry.

For one of our job postings, 300 people apply. We want to talk to each one, get to know them, assess them. There were a lot of meetings.

At the end of the year, we have nearly 30 people working with us.

New team member – Teams

We switch to remote work "for two weeks." In the meantime, shields 1/2/3/4, social security contributions, pension funds, reconciliations, and Excel sheets almost exhaust the Administration department.

The sacrifice was not in vain; we kept the full team on board.

We celebrate (of course, on Teams)!

Matrix structure and other difficult words

We operate within a new structure. New positions, new departments, new opportunities, and new problems have emerged. Everyone in the company hates the word "matrix." We also conducted another edition of the internship competition, after which Angelika stays with us permanently (hooray!).

Good anniversary

Throughout the whole round year, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Wills. We have plenty of occasions, as post-COVID, we return to the office (in hybrid mode!).

The culmination is a trip for our Christmas integration. We walk in the mountains, eat local delicacies, paint together. We've gathered strength for another decade!

We train and are trained

We're growing in strength, both personally and professionally.

This year, we conducted a total of 19 internal trainings, 12 workshop meetings with clients, and read, we ourselves don't know how many books.

But most of them can be found in our office library.

We look broadly

The year 2024 is still ongoing, and we are already reaping the fruits of a new brand communication strategy, guided by the motto

"Bigger Picture Marketing".

We're recording podcasts, creating jingles, and even participating in the "tender that wasn't."


In a well-coordinated team of specialists, we create concepts and select the tools best suited to the goals. A broader perspective is an invaluable source of knowledge and inspiration.


Wiktor Pastucha

Co-Founder / CEO

Kamil Kubicz

Partner / COO

Wojciech Bzdyk

Partner / Head of Strategy

Agata Anioł

Chief Process Officer / Head of Account Management

Antoni Olech

Strategy Specialist

Bartek Siniarski

New Business Advisor

Natalia Kot

Office Manager

Edyta Holona – Wolny

Senior Account Manager

Donata Kurdyś

Account Manager

Tomasz Trochim

Senior Account Manager

Michał Pułka

Head of Public Relations

Łukasz Kujawa

Account Manager

Justyna Zmysłowska

Senior PR Manager

Renata Janus

Senior PR Manager

Katarzyna Wojak

PR Manager

Marta Burczyk

PR Manager

Izabela Rott

SM Team Leader

Agnieszka Ostrowska

Senior Creative & Content Manager

Agata Pełka

Content Manager

Daria Serwaczak

Video & Content Specialist

Jerzy Kroplewski

Head of Design

Ola Mróz

Senior Designer

Aleksandra Kochalska


Ewa Błaszak



We step forward and are not afraid to question the ‘only correct’ ways of doing things. All this with the hope that even better and more effective solutions are waiting around the corner.


Brilliant strategy, heart-catching creativity, or stunning visuals – we know how to do it well. Because we believe that knowledge yields the best results when combined with passion and character.